Welcome to the DSD-Lab

Digitalization of Sustainability Data

The current state of digital ESG disclosure lacks consistency, comparability and discoverability. Without reliable sustainability data, regulators and investors are unable to make confident decisions. The DSD Lab Accelerator Program is an open collaboration among international consortia, technology standard-setters and other influencers to develop a globally adopted data exchange framework, smart shared dictionaries, and an accreditation program – and as quickly as possible. The goal is to make information more discoverable, actionable and trusted to reduce data costs and drive better sustainability decisions that lead to more positive outcomes for people, the planet and the global economy.

Who can benefit?

           Organizations that our project deliverables will assist


Easily share, collaborate on, discover, refine and utilize best practice frameworks to enhance digital flows and improve data consumption around the world.

Regulators and exchanges

Access blueprints and technical support materials to lower implementation risks and ensure that sustainability data collections are high quality and comparable.

Industry groups

Connect with other consortia, academics and professional bodies to share and develop best practices and advancements for their communities.

Software developers and service providers

Efficiently embed the frameworks and taxonomies within their platforms reducing the cost of reporting for preparers and increasing the accessibility of solutions for small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Who else is positively impacted?

CFOs and sustainability officers​

Prepare cost-effective disclosures using interoperable data standards across different entities, supply chains and jurisdictions.

CDOs and data professionals

Access accredited tools to improve data management practices which drive quality disclosures.


Gather more granular ESG information and reliable ratings, while making better capital investment allocations using credible and comparable data.


Leverage regulatory reporting requirements that are cost-efficient, impactful to society and implementable within reasonable timeframes.​

Data aggregators

Innovate with the wider availability and lower cost of high-quality machine-readable data.


Make well-informed consumer and investment choices with the proliferation of meaningful sustainability information within products and services.